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Eemaan Cards is an independent family run greetings card store founded in 2017 by illustrator and designer Abu Hamnah and his trusty sidekick Imrana.

Lancashire-born Abu Hamnah graduated from the North Wales School of Art in 1998 with a desire to not work in any job that doesn’t involve creating stuff.

He spent the next 20 years working for various design agencies and Greeting card companies ma shaa Allah, starting out as an illustrator at Hallmark UK, he also had his work published by Marks & Spencer, Clintons Cards, Kingsley Cards and CCA Art & Design.

He also remembered, quite belatedly, that he was a Muslim and an  illustrator/designer and slowly developed the confidence to start creating his own products and cards for the Muslim market!

Abu Hamnah loves anything related to design and illustration and also works as a branding designer when he’s not partaking in long distance cycle rides, often fundraising for projects around the world. Eemaan Cards reflects his passion for illustration, design and helping the Muslim community. 

Most of all Abu Hamnah believes in enhancing and maintaining relationships through the expression of personal interaction and through the celebration of sincere connections of kinship.

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It’s me again, Abu Hamnah, just  to prove that I don’t always talk in the third person! I just wanted to say that if you’re a shop owner (online or real world) , let’s see if we can increase your profit margins by stocking our cards. We would love to hear from you!

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